Mushroom-infused chocolates recalled amid probe into illnesses

July 2, 2024

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned consumers to avoid a brand of mushroom-infused chocolates and sweets after the foods were linked to dozens of illnesses and some hospitalizations.

Diamond Shruumz brand chocolate, gummies and cones were recalled Thursday by manufacturer Prophet Premium Blends. The foods were linked to severe symptoms including seizures, central nervous system depression, agitation, abnormal heart rates, hyper/hypotension, nausea and vomiting, the FDA said.

At least 39 people have been made ill by the foods, including 23 who were hospitalized, the FDA said. The products have been under investigation since early last month.

States that reported cases are Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The company said the recall was related to the ingredient muscimol, a chemical found in some mushrooms, which could be a potential cause of the illness symptoms.

The FDA said Prophet Premium Blends discovered “higher than normal amounts” of muscimol in its products during an investigation into the reported illnesses. 

The agency has recommended consumers to avoid eating the foods and retailers take the products off shelves. The products continue to be under a joint investigation by the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.