Trump team knocks Biden campaign Mother’s Day video: ‘Sad’

May 13, 2024

Former President Trump’s campaign team hit back at the Biden campaign for posting an ad on Mother’s Day that attacked Trump for his abortion and family separation policy positions.

“Donald Trump wants to separate mothers from their children and allow laws that rip away IVF access and monitor women’s pregnancies,” the Biden-Harris HQ account posted Sunday on the social platform X, when posting the ad.

“This Mother’s Day, do the moms in your life a favor: Stop Trump,” the campaign added, using a refrain that punctuates the ad itself.

Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung called the ad “disgusting” in a Monday post on X, and he criticized the Biden campaign for using Mother’s Day to go after Trump.

“What a sad, miserable, cowardly existence Crooked Joe Biden and his campaign must have to make such a disgusting ad on such a joyous day. Their lives are obviously filled with anger, hate, and resentment because they clearly suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. President Trump continues to live rent free in their pea-sized brains, even on Mother’s Day,” Cheung said in the statement, which was first reported Sunday by Newsweek.

The Biden campaign hit back at what it said was Trump’s anger and resentment in response.

“The Trump campaign is upset that we are highlighting Donald Trump’s extreme record and dangerous agenda. They should get used to it, because only ‘sad, miserable cowardly’ men treat mothers the way Donald Trump does. He has so much anger, resentment and hate that he tears families apart, bans IVF, and favors tax cuts for megacorporations over expanding the Child Tax Credit,” Biden campaign spokesperson Lauren Hitt said in a statement.

The 40-second Biden campaign ad hits Trump for his remarks on abortion and his controversial immigration policies at the border when he was in the Oval Office.

“This is how Trump treats mothers,” the ad states in all-capital letters.

In the background, the ad features a clip of Trump saying, “When you say to a family that if you come, we’re going to break you up, they don’t come,” and immediately cuts to footage of a mother crying as she apparently is being separated from her family.

The ad then highlights Trump’s answer from his recent Time magazine interview when he was asked if he thinks states should monitor women’s pregnancies so they can know if they’ve gotten an abortion after a state ban.

Trump responded by saying, “I think they might do that. Again, you’ll have to speak to the individual states.”

The ad cuts to an interview with Trump when he was asked whether he believes in punishment for abortion, as a principle, and he said, “There has to be some form of punishment.”

Asked to clarify whether he means “for the woman,” Trump said “yes.”

The ad then shows Trump touting his role in overturning Roe v. Wade before cutting to a separate clip in which Trump says, “it’s really working out well.”

The ad comes as Democrats look to make abortion a key focus of the campaign, especially as many Republican-led states continue to pass increasingly restrictive abortion bans.

Trump has been adamant that states should be left to decide their own abortion policies, either through legislation or through ballot measures. He has also attacked Democrats as being too “radical” on the issue.

Trump subsequently sought to walk back his comments about states monitoring women over abortions.