Trump says Republicans are leaders on IVF in latest Newsom rebuke

April 27, 2024

Former President Donald Trump, in a rebuke of California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) over the continued battle on how to approach in vitro fertilization (IVF), said Republicans are the “leader[s]” on the issue.

“Gavin Newscum, the failed Governor of California, who is allowing his once beautiful State to go to Hell, refuses to recognize that Republicans are the Leader on I.V.F (Fertilization),” Trump’s Truth Social post said.

IVF has been a topic of concern for lawmakers and voters alike in the past year, after the Alabama Supreme Court ruled frozen embryos and fertilized eggs are considered people under law, resulting in the temporary pause of IVF treatment in the state.

Newsom called out the Alabama high court in February over the ruling and said it is part of a “war on women.” Trump also voiced support for protecting IVF treatments, and many Republicans followed.

The U.S. Supreme Court brought reproductive rights and access to the forefront of the national conversation again when it struck down Roe v. Wade in 2022.

The former president has often claimed responsibility for overturning Roe and handing abortion back to individual states to regulate. He said states were working “brilliantly,” as many GOP-led legislatures restrict access to abortion across the country.

“We are the ones taking care of Women, and now, after 53 years, where both Parties and all Legal Scholars and Experts wanted the always difficult and contentious subject of Abortion to go back to the States, we got it done, and now the States are setting their own Rules and Regulations – and it’s really working!” Trump’s post continued.

He said he has given the issue of abortion back to voters and it’s taken the “Radicalization by Democrats, the killing of a Child in the 8th Month, 9th Month, or even after Birth, off the table.” Advocates for abortion say abortions rarely happen that late in the pregnancy and are performed if it’s to save the life of the mother.

Trump continued, saying it “now seems probable that our Country can start to pull together on the always difficult and controversial Issue of Abortion.”