Biden slams Trump abortion comments: ‘simply lying’

April 8, 2024

President Biden slammed former President Trump on Monday for saying he thinks abortion policies are best left to the states, and for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s role in overturning Roe v. Wade.

“Donald Trump made it clear once again today that he is – more than anyone in America – the person responsible for ending Roe v. Wade,” Biden said in a statement. “Let there be no illusion. If Donald Trump is elected and the MAGA Republicans in Congress put a national abortion ban on the Resolute Desk, Trump will sign it into law.”

Earlier Monday, Trump posted a video to Truth Social where he suggested any decisions about abortion policy should be left to the states. Abortion has been a volatile issue for Republicans ever since Roe was overturned in 2022, and Trump has suggested that Republicans take some kind of compromise position to win elections.

“You must also win elections to restore our culture and, in fact, to save our country, which is currently and very sadly a nation in decline,” Trump said.

In the video, Trump said he was “proudly the person responsible” for ending Roe v. Wade, falsely suggesting it was “something all legal scholars, both sides demanded.” He did not endorse any specific abortion limits.

In response, Biden said Trump “is simply lying” about support for overturning Roe. “It was never about public policy or what was right or what Trump believed. It was always about politics.”

“Trump is scrambling. He’s worried that since he’s the one responsible for overturning Roe the voters will hold him accountable in 2024,” Biden said. “Well, I have news for Donald. They will. America was built on personal freedom and liberty. So, there is nothing more un-American than having our personal freedoms taken away. And that is what Donald Trump has done.”